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A generational story

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A mother daughter photo shoot is always so special. But this one takes the cake for me. This one will always be one of my most favorite photo shoots I have ever done. For a while mother daughter photo shoots were something I specialized in. I love capturing that love between a mother and her child and telling their story.

This was definitely a story that needed to be told.

When we lived in Las Vegas I was doing a promo for mothers and daughters. I needed some marketing material shortly after we moved there to showcase the new area that I lived in. So if future clients saw my work they would see places where I had done the shoots and want to go to those places. At the time I could only say yes that’s a beautiful location, but it’s in Montana. I needed to show something more local. So I took to social media looking for mothers and daughters who could help me out. Thankfully, Laura saw my post and was interested in not only a mother daughter shoot. But a shoot with her mother and her three daughters.

Her mother Patsy had sadly been diagnosed with colon cancer. And they wanted to do a shoot together since her mom had started chemo and would be losing her hair soon. I will always remember the first time Laura and I spoke on the phone talking about the shoot and what I was looking to do. She was telling me her story and she said “I feel like this is a God thing.” I felt the same way.

Mother Daughter Shoot, three generations

Mother Daughter Photo Shoot

So we set up the three generational mother daughter shoot and away we went! We spent a couple hours together just capturing these ladies love for one another. It was truly a beautiful day!

Shortly after our shoot Laura received the best news that her mom Patsy was better! Her chemo was working and it was killing the cancer. It was a light at the end of a scary tunnel.

And they had beautiful images of all the ladies together.

But a few months down the road, Patsy’s cancer struck again. This time with a vengeance. She decided to forego chemo this time around and not too long after that she passed away.

It was really hard for me to hear this news as well since I had gotten to know these ladies and shared in their story. But I was so thankful that I was able to photograph them all together. They have images to look back on even after Patsy is gone and they’ll remember that time in their lives.

Photos are one of the first things we go for when someone passes on. We want to be able to still see that person and remember them how they were. After a while our memories will fade but when we are shown a photograph it’s as if they all come flooding back.

For Patsy’s memorial, Laura was asked to provide a photo of just her. She contacted me to see if I could provide her with one from their shoot just of her mom. I happily did and they used that image from their shoot together at her memorial. It was beautiful. She was beautiful and I am so happy to have been the one to share their story.

And Laura, it was definitely a God thing.

Olympia Tacoma Photographer
Mother Daughter Photo Shoot
Mother Daughter Photo Shoot

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