Seabrook Pet Portraits on the beach

Seabrook Pet Portraits

You all know I love Seabrook, but when we add in pet portraits of two beautiful dogs and their mom like this then I’m in heaven.

Amanda is the dog mama of Rascal and Scout. Two beautiful dogs who had been together for years. Rascal was 13 and having health problems. Although his adrenaline and excitement for the beach kicked in and on this day he just wanted to run and play with the ball. It was a beautiful day in Seabrook and I met Amanda, Rascal, and Scout and we walked down to the beach.

There’s this grassy area on the beach that I love where you can see the ocean in the background but for a second it doesn’t look like you’re actually on the beach. That’s why I love going here for pet portraits in Seabrook. Because we can play in the sand and then get out of the sand if needed. It works great for kids too!

The reason why this pet portrait photo shoot is so bittersweet is because shortly after this Rascal crossed the rainbow bridge. This was on of his last days and Amanda knew that, she could feel it. So she gave Rascal and Scout a wonderful time at the beach, had their portraits taken, and took them to The Salty Dog in Seabrook for a wash and loves.

Pets are definitely a huge part of our family and we miss them when they’re gone. It was truly an honor to be able to capture the love between Amanda and Rascal and get some fun shots of Scout as well!

Thank you Amanda for letting me be the photographer to capture your beautiful story. I definitely feel that Rascal had an amazing time surrounded by those of you who love him. And I loved every second of getting to spend time with the three of you!

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And take a moment to enjoy the beautiful story here with Rascal, Scout, and Amanda.

Seabrook Pet Portraits
Pet Portraits Seabrook

April 22, 2021

  1. Malla L Hayek says:

    These pictures are amazing, I would love to know how I can get some with my own special pups

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