Mill Creek Photography

If you’re looking for photography in Mill Creek then maybe an at home lifestyle session is for you. I do a majority of my photo sessions outdoors at beautiful locations, but when your backyard is just as beautiful then why not? This family just had their new backyard completed and they can’t wait until the grass is all grown so that they can play out there every day. We took advantage of this opportunity and got outside! When you have a two and a half year old and a seven month old, sometimes the thought of getting everyone ready and getting out of the house and trying to make everyone smile at a park where there’s a playground and a million other distractions can be super daunting. So instead, why not let everyone stay in their comfort zone at home!

With Ashley, Read, Ollie, and Paisley we did exactly that. Big brother adored every chance he could get kissing and hugging his little sister. His toys were right there with him along with his favorite chair so he was super excited to smile at me for some really great shots! He did want to see every picture after I took it but that’s all part of the fun!

A few years ago when Ollie was a baby we did this photo of him and his parents wearing their Vans with Ollie propped up on a skateboard. So naturally we had to re-do this photo with Paisley in it this time. Let me know what you think below! We were hoping to post it to Instagram and tag Vans. Maybe we can get a little baby Vans promo out of it ha ha! How cool would that be?

If you’re looking for a family session or Mill Creek Photography but DO want to go to an outdoor location that’s not your home, then check out more info from this family session at Maroni Meadows to see what they have to offer!

And if you’re interested in any type of portrait session please feel free to reach out. Bookings & Inquiries: or feel free to email me at

Take a look at these super fun photos from Ollie & Paisley’s family session! They’re sure to make you feel happy all over!

Mill Creek Photography
Mill Creek Photography
Mill Creek Photography

May 16, 2021

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