When to do newborn photos

If you’re wondering when to do newborn photos to capture the best moments of your brand new baby, the answer is going to be different from each photographer you ask. Some of us prefer to do it within the first few days after birth. Some prefer when the baby is a little older so you can get all those cute little interactions.

Personally, I prefer the first few days after birth. As soon as you get home from the hospital is ideal. Not because the baby is easier to pose at this stage but because these are your first few moments together at home. The beginning of another beautiful story in your life that I want to capture for you.

My approach to newborn photography is a lifestyle approach. I won’t come and set up a backdrop and pose your newborn in cute little ways that look like she is resting her chin on her little hands. Although those images are adorable and each photographer who does them has a special gift (there’s a lot of behind the scenes editing going on in those images and it’s incredible), it’s just not my style. My approach is of the utmost comfort. I feel it’s important for me to come to your home shortly after you’ve had your baby and capture you both in your element together. You’ll feel comfortable, your baby will feel comfortable because she’s in surroundings that are somewhat familiar to her, she won’t be too cold, you’ll be holding her so she’ll feel the best she can in that moment. And you won’t have to worry about any unknowns by bringing your baby to a studio or being outside. If you have a cute area in your home that you’d like to set her up in then of course we can do that. But typically I’ll have the parents included in the photos holding and snuggling the baby and catching those first few moments of interaction at home together.

So in this photoshoot for little Elliana I went over to their house and we set up a cute little area in their home to put this gorgeous little girl on display. She was bundled up and comfortable and her mama and grandma were right there.

So if you’re wondering when to do newborn photos, the timeframe is really your preference. If you’re wanting to capture those sweet little moments right after you bring your baby home then within the first week after birth is your best bet. But if you want to get settled after having a new baby then a few weeks after you get home won’t hurt anything. Every moment after having a new baby is special, it just depends on what part you want captured!

Here is beautiful, new, little Elliana.

Do you need newborn photos taken? Feel free to reach out at www.ambercarlphoto.com or email me at ambercarlphotography@me.com and check out this other lifestyle in home session I did with some bigger kiddos and their parents!

When to do newborn photos
When to do newborn photos

May 18, 2021

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