Westport Beach

Westport Beach is a beautiful place in Washington to just get away and is there anything more comforting and peaceful than just getting away for a few? Anna and Brenden have been together for about a year and Anna’s parents have a cabin just down the street from where we met in Westport. It reminded me of when my husband and I had first started dating and we’d come to his dad’s Ocean Shores beach house to get away for a few. Now we live there!

If you head into Westport you’ll definitely see the Lighthouse located at Westport Light State Park. Walk down the sidewalk a few shakes and you’ll be right on Westport Beach. There’s so many things to do out on this beach from fishing to surfing to riding your horse. You can even go to Bigfoot Surf School and have experienced surf coaches teach you how to surf between May and September. How cool is that? But we chose to do a couple’s portrait session and let me tell you, it was SO much fun.

A few weeks earlier our little area of the country in the Pacific Northwest had a heat wave! It was so close to 100 degrees but all my friends in Vegas were laughing at us like ok it’s over 100 degrees here every day! But Washington isn’t equipped for that. At least not for a long period of time. There was definitely a house fan shortage that week. But thankfully the weather on this day at Westport Beach was perfect!

Anna and Brenden were a blast to hang out with and I hope to get to photograph them again one day soon. But after we did some shots on their motorcycle and then down on Westport Beach they drove the quick drive over to their cabin and got the star of the photo session, Ruger. Ruger is a gorgeous German Shepherd who was in love with the camera and worked it like nobody’s business.

Check out Anna, Brenden, and Ruger’s photos here! And if you’re interested in booking your own session please inquire at www.ambercarlphoto.com or shoot me an email at ambercarlphotography@me.com I can’t wait to hear from you!

Westport Beach Light State Park
Westport Beach Light State Park
Westport Beach Couples Portrait Session
Westport Beach Light State Park
Westport Beach Couples Session
Westport Beach Photos
Westport Beach
Westport Beach

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July 27, 2021

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