Hi there!
I'm Amber and the first thing you should know about me is that everything I do is for my family.  From dance parties in the living room, to cooking together, to family movie nights.  We are definitely in this thing called life together.

Which is why on your wedding day, I know that this is the beginning of your love story together.  And my job that I am so proud of is to take lasting images for you.  I want you to sit down together 20 years from now and remember exactly how you felt on this very day.

I know how stressful planning a wedding can be, I planned my own back in 2004.  I remember how agonizing it was when we suddenly stopped hearing from our wedding photographer.  We were so afraid she wasn't going to show up to our wedding and I just remember crying thinking about how we wouldn't have any beautiful wedding photos to look back on.  A few years later I started my wedding photography business with that in mind.  You'll never have to worry about where I am, what happens next, or how to pose.  I will make sure throughout your day that we remain on schedule and that you'll always know if you should smile or not and where to put your hands.  The best part is, we'll be laughing and talking together so you'll feel at ease the entire time.

This is the experience that I want you to have.  I want to be your wedding photographer.  I'm so excited to hear from you.  So go ahead and check out my portfolio and let's set up a time to talk about your day!


once in a lifetime, you meet someone who you can't imagine your life without

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My favorite things

A few things to get to know me

Where I grew up:   Arlington, Washington

How many siblings I have:  Six!  And two of my sisters are named Ashley.  It's true!

Favorite TV Shows:  Friends, The Office, for a while I would have said This is Us.  But I just couldn't do it anymore!  Oh and I love American Idol!

Favorite Movie:  Dirty Dancing

Where I met my husband:   At a little country bar in Everett, Washington called McCabes.  If you remember this place please tell me!  It's closed down now. 

How he proposed:   We had season tickets to UW Husky Football games.  So one day he gave me a tour of the University.  And as we were walking through the outdoor amphitheater he got down on one knee as if to look through our backpack.  And then pulled out a ring.  So now I say I didn't go to the University of Washington, but I'm an honorary member. 

Where we got married:  Snohomish, Washington at the Victorian Manor

Year we got married:   2004

Favorite Food:  I love a good cheeseburger!

Favorite drink:  I'm a coffee in the morning wine in the evening kind of girl.

When I started my photography business:  In 2009!

Favorite sport:  Baseball.  I'll always love my Seattle Mariners