it's time to marry your best friend...

I'm Amber, so glad you're here!

Hey loves!  I'm Amber, I grew up in a small town north of Seattle and I think that's where my wedding photography style comes from.  I love big, open spaces, mountains, rivers, anything outdoors really.  I always just want to be outside.  Even when it's the middle of the summer in Las Vegas at noon, you can often find me outside running.  My family thinks I'm crazy but it's ok. 

Back in 2004, I wasn't a wedding photographer.  I was a soon to be bride just like you planning our wedding and trying to find the best photographer.  After some searching I found her!  But as our wedding day came closer, she vanished.  I couldn't believe it and I would have nightmares of no beautiful wedding photos.
Eventually we reached her and she made it to our wedding, but that was so much stress that could have been avoided. 

When I started photographing weddings in 2009 I vowed to never let that happen to any of my couples.  You will always be able to reach me.  I'll help keep your schedule and have photos running smoothly.  You'll never need to wonder where I am or how you should pose or if you should smile or not.  We'll laugh and have fun together because I love what I do and I treat every wedding I photograph as if it were my own.

I can assure you that on one of the most important days you'll ever experience, my main concern will be on what matters
...capturing the beginning of your lives together.


So if you want those beautiful wedding images that are true and authentic to who you are.  That you can look back on in 20 years and be brought right back to that very moment where it all started.  Then book me as your wedding photographer.  
Feel free to take a look through my portfolio on other weddings I have photographed.  If you're interested in my boudoir work then head to Boudoir by Amber Carl
And please reach out to set up a time to chat as soon as possible!  I'd love to get your date on the calendar before someone else grabs it!

and i'm all about the images that tell your story

this is your day


This is my crew!  Rick and I have been married for 16 years this April!  John is 13 and Abby is 11 but I just love this photo from back when.